When we strip ourselves down to the naked soul.

Men love with their eyes, women love with their ears. I have seen it a lot of times, I have read it enough times to shatter any illusion of something deeper than a shallow understanding of human relationships. We are all some personas wearing our masks in public, ashamed of what we are and never confident enough to let people know our true selves.

When growing up, we are taught by our parents to behave ourselves, to not let the other person know any of our flaws and be like these perfect little beings, as a symbol of our parents` great work. And we listen to them, and trust them to teach us the best way to become men, women, grown-ups so that we can teach our own offsprings at some point. And we trust them when they tell us not to show the weakness, not to cry in front of other people, never show your true feelings, cause we can get hurt. And we become cold.

And they teach us to always keep up the appearances, and wear a mask, just because letting people know us can be hurtful, and we learn to never share, to never trust and to assume preparing for worse is always better than preparing for best. And we become elusive.

And then we find ourselves wandering around, trying to make sense of all the things we were told as children and challenge everything. And experience free love, liberty of speech, anarchy, empowerment, not giving a damn about what people think of you, and we find ourselves outcasts at a given point. And we realize that the most valuable lesson we were taught is that the mask we wear is there to protect us. And this is not to hide ourselves from the others, but to protect us from being categorized. And putting up a mask proves to be easier than simply being yourself.

Somebody asked me the other day how am I am feeling. And I answered I was OK. And her response made me think. She said: „I did not ask you how you are, I asked how are you feeling!”. And I realized I haven`t lost my mask just yet, and people start to notice that growing up, which asks the question: „When is the point when you need to lose the mask and start being the person you really are? When should you start opening up and letting people see you as broken as you are, as challenged or solitary, as hurt or happy? When does it really start being easier to be YOU instead of a persona?”

Maybe it has something to do with all the hurt feelings we had been experiencing so far, but it comes a point when it is easier to stop hiding and admit there is something more happening behind some random words that lost their meaning and acknowledge when a person says: ” I feel you!”

And when words have lost their meaning, eyes always tell the full story…


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Un răspuns la When we strip ourselves down to the naked soul.

  1. Tezuka zice:

    I prefer to be hated for what I am, then to be loved for what I am not.
    (my own saying )


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