I am just a result


I am whatever you want me to be, because what I am is what you make me be.

I am the truth awakened on the tip of your lips, waiting to be revealed as a new Gospel, with all the empowerment of your faith.

I am the tear in your eye that helps you see the world in vivid colors and wash away all grains of sand that time puts on your face.

I am the stray hair on your forehead that helps you notice the things that make you perfect.

I am the first image that you see when you open your mind and the one that puts all your entangled thoughts back into order, just as much as you are the silver lining of my future.

I am just as a result of your heart wishing me to be… and for that, I will never be enough!

Because I am only when I realize that I exist when you hold my hand…


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Un gentleman gandeste ce vrea si spune ce trebuie.
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