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Sometimes, it’s useful to open up the blinds and take a good, hard look at how life really is instead of thinking it’s always full of sunshine and rainbows. Below are 10 harsh realities of life. Now since this is an inspirational website, included are some tips to help you deal with these harsh realities.

1. You will eventually part ways with every single person you love and care about.

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Friendships drifting apart isn’t unusual but even those closest to you will one day die, or perhaps you will die first. Either way, you will sooner or later part ways with everyone you know. Cherish the people you love, tell them, show them how much they mean to you, while you still can. The time to say that final goodbye is forever getting closer.

2. There are people who don’t like you.

And some of these people are your “friends”. You can’t please everyone so don’t even try. Live your life how you want to live it and reduce the amount of time you spend thinking about what people think of you. The day you stop caring about how others see you will be the day you will break free from those heavy chains that have been suppressing your level of happiness your entire life.

3. Life is often unfair.

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Thinking life should be fair is delusional. However, it’s not just unfair to you, it’s unfair to most people so don’t take it personally and never use it as a reason to stop trying. Unfair things will still happen to you but the more action you take toward you dreams, the less unfair life will tend to be and the “luckier” you will start becoming.

4. Being honest and hard working doesn’t guarantee anything.

There are far too many good, honest, hard working people who are broke and desperate. You can’t just be the nice guy who works hard and expect everything to fall into place for you. You’ll have to accept that sometimes, someone else has to fall back for you to get ahead, especially in business.

This doesn’t mean you should become a conniving jerk, it just means you shouldn’t rely only on being nice and hard working to bring you success. It also takes risk, smarts, connections, and perhaps a little bit of luck.

5. Money issues will be a big part of your life.

Credit: newfuturo.com

Money isn’t everything but it’s the fuel that keeps the world and your life running. It’s why most of us work even when we don’t want to. Wouldn’t life be great if you had enough money to live the life of your dreams? Unfortunately, 99% of the population will never reach this point in life. Plan ahead, work your ass off, and learn to save so you can have a more comfortable future.

6. There’s always someone better than you at whatever you’re good at.

Credit: Playtime by Keith Baker

There is a limited amount of time in life and unless you are dedicating most of it to master some skill, you won’t be the best at it. You think you’re great at something? Someone is better than you at it and they’re probably much younger than you as well.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be the best to have success and happiness unless you define happiness as being the best at something.

7. Santa Claus doesn’t exist.

Credit: memecenter.com

You’re going to have to go out there and get the things you want in life yourself. No one is going to magically do it for you. You can sit in your room and wish all you want but until you get up off your butt and do something about your current situation, it’s not likely to change.

8. You will never reach your full potential.

Credit: nih.gov

Every minute you waste pulls you further away from your full potential and since we’ve all wasted time here and there throughout our lives, none of us will become what we could’ve became. Don’t let that get you down for too long. You won’t ever reach your greatest potential but if you start to use your time more wisely from here on out, you’ll be much closer than if you continue to squander your limited time away.

A few minutes wasted here and a few hours wasted there can, and will, add up, resulting in an even greater lost of potential.

9. Life is both long and short at the same time.

When times are good, life can seem short. When times are bad, life can seem long. Time itself is constant, never accelerating or slowing down. It’s our perception of time that makes certain moments or periods in life seem long or short.

In the whole scheme of things, life is incredibly short. Our life is a blink of an eye compared to the age of the universe. Those happy moments in life can often seem short lived when we look back on them. At the same time, when we’re struggling, life can seem incredibly long, almost never ending. Endure through the bad times and slow down, cherish, and completely immerse yourself in the moment during the good times because eventually, both the good and the bad times will soon come to an end.

10. People will disappoint you.

We all live with different rules and standards so when you expect others to live and act according to how you live and act, you’re going to be disappointed. The less you expect from others, the less frustration and disappointments you’ll experience.

10 Painfully Harsh Realities of Life – Inspiration Cafe.


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