O cafea cat un mic dejun


Am venit pentru 5 minute: o cafea rapida, doua glume si un pachet de tigari. S-au facut ore, si le blestemam, in gand, cu zambetul pe buze, sperand ca timpul sa se opreasca naibii in loc ca sa pot sa ma bucur de multitudinea de idei ce imi strabateau mintea. Neuronii mei faceau ture in jurul tau, te priveam de jos, ca deh, te-ai cocotat frumos pe aragaz stiind foarte bine ca lumea se vede infinit mai bine cand esti sus. Eram mare, dar ma simteam mic. Erai in elementul tau, iar eu imi cautam cuvintele ca un scolar la prima iesire la tabla, incercand sa nu ma dau de gol ca, de fapt, n-am invatat nimic, dar tot sperand sa iau nota de trecere.

Ne uitam la ceas si niciunul nu voia sa plece, poate din motive diferite, sau poate pur si simplu ca dimineata aceea a inceput cu o cafea facuta la ibric, un mic dejun la ora pranzului, doua croissante uitate in sacosa (da, le cumparasem pentru cafea) si un banc in pragul usii, pentru ca o dimineata ca aceea trebuia sa se termine neaparat cu un zambet. Uitandu-ma la tine, zeci de scenarii mi se desfasurau laolalta in fata ochilor, asa ca nu-mi mai amintesc bancul care trebuia sa ma trimita inapoi in lumea mea, dar zambetul acela a fost concluzia perfecta.

Eu n-am stiut sa raman iar tu n-ai stiut ca in acel moment a fost singura data cand uram Timpul. Am venit pentru 5 minute si as fi ramas pentru toate celelalte, pentru ca, undeva in adancul tau, se ascunde cineva pe care nimeni nu-l cunoaşte, iar pentru asta am nevoie exact de doua infinituri.

Inger sau Demon, indiferent cum te prezinti urmatoarea data, fii sigura ca o cafea nu a fost niciodata mai buna.

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To fit in… or stand aside


by Vasile Onica

        Bob Dylan once said: “You’re going to die. You’re going to be dead. It could be 20 years, it could be tomorrow, anytime. So am I. I mean, we’re just going to be gone. The world’s going to go on without us. All right now. You do your job in the face of that, and how seriously you take yourself you decide for yourself  ” .

The society nowadays is ruled by certain ethos, and everyone that stands aside of those ethos, usually become pariahs. We see how the society keeps judging  rockers, gay marriage and some ideas. The world is superficial, it`s all about the aspect and the way you blend with those ideas, the way you fit in the community. Let`s think about bullies, society created them, maybe the familial environment had a little to do with it, but society created a certain pattern we all have to mould around. If you are fat, weak and you show your emotions, you are judged and bullied. Some ideas tend to shock the world, and are not well-received. Let`s think about Martin Luther King Jr., he said : “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. “ (1963, March on Washington). For these ideas he was assassinated, but the ideas are bulletproof, that’s why his “dream” became true and it is still on-going in our days. The black community are no longer discriminated by the other communities, and even more they have mileage, the incumbent U.S President since 2008 is a black man, Barrack Obama, thing that strengthens the ideas above.

“Life is like a game of tetris, if you fit in you disappear”(anon.), this is the quote that has ruled my life, I don`t want to be like the others, we all are unique, the difference makes us who we are. If you want to be well-known forget the pattern, create your own. We can`t change the world if we stay on the matrix, nothing will change. Think about all the inventions and all the theories that changed the world, if those men fitted in, we would still be in the medieval age, if not in the stone age.

I want to change the world, I don’t like what I see around me. People think that they are perfect and they think they are in the position to criticize the others. Don`t criticize the aspects, go for the knowledge, but don’t be too cruel, just be a reminder of the importance of information in the pursuit of notoriety and bringing the world in the point of making it better. We are the same, but we want the world changed, although we criticize the ones who are trying to change it, and we are making them give up.

I`ll end with a quote from a well-known character “If nobody hates you, you are doing something wrong.”(Dr. Gregory House, Fox Broadcasting Company`s House M.D.). If you are an outcast, you are on the right way.

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By Vasile Onica

            In the common belief, a physical world means something that can be seen and measured: length, width, height and time. In order to make sense of what surrounds us, mankind has started a journey to believe in everything that can be measured and/or sensed disregarding everything else and considering it non-physical. The physical world can be bluntly described as moving from one place to another, home to school or work, meeting friends, travelling and any other activity that is confined to a measurable system.

The linear distance we move between two points; we call it length. Since the beginning of time we wanted to leave the earth behind and move towards the sky; the distance between where our feet lies and the furthest point looking up, we call it height. Moving around in the world we noticed that things are not linear and beginning to understand them, we found a new dimension that completes the first two: width. With these we created a mathematical understanding of the surrounding that we called 3D (three dimensional). Then, the more we spend within those 3 dimensions, the more we came to notice the changes that an additional force made to ourselves; and that we called time. The above is something that one would define as a physical world.

Then we stumbled into things that we could not explain and made us wonder: Why do we believe in God if no one has ever seen him? Why do we believe in Love, if it is something that we cannot pin-point to a specific trigger? How do we measure Faith, how do we measure Love, how do we measure a Bond, how do we measure any feeling in this world? It makes us wonder that even if it is not something that can be measured, does it make it less physical?

My physical world resumes not only to what I can see with my eyes and understand with my mind, but also to things that science testified to be real yet nobody has ever seen them. No one should give in to the frame of mind others have set out and create their own physical world, even if others believe that they are crazy. I DO believe in aliens, even if we have not been ensured of their existence. But I find it unbelievable that in this perfect and homogeneous universe we are alone, in billions of stars, planets and galaxies, yet some believe we are unique. We may be unique but we will never be alone. We should start thinking outside the box. We should stop going mainstream, we should step out of the drawn square we are living in and create our new unlimited physical coordinates of our world. Is sky the limit? Before the last century we thought it was. Now, imagination is the new limit. What are we without imagination, dreams and hope? We are driven by these things; without them how do we differentiate ourselves from other species?

I don’t understand why the people always have judged others for their sexual orientation, race, religion, color. Please, get your head out of your box; don’t remain confined in the limits of your country, culture and traditions, take a look at the other worlds, how they are treating the others that are different from them. The world is in a continuous evolution, the geographical coordinates can change every minute, it just needs a little bump from the right forces. Global warming, tsunamis, hurricanes, territories can appear and disappear, just like mentalities and “boxes”. We refuse to be ants that cannot pass the line drawn up by a superior intelligence, we should embrace the fear of the unknown and only then we can eventually find our true North.

Now, prove me wrong!

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